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We are cybersecurity experts who specialise in helping legal firms to deal with today’s online threats.

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We’re just a phonecall away, and can provide your business with the information and protection it needs to stay safe in today’s online world.


Security Policies and Governance

We can help whether you’re starting from scratch, or building out further.


Up To The Minute Advice

We keep our clients informed on the latest threats in the industry, and the preventative actions that are necessary.


An Ongoing Partnership

We have expertise in securing infrastructure as well as applications, so your data is safe.


Security Testing

Whether it’s for applications or infrastructure, we can help you identify and fix any weaknesses.

Unfortunately, it’s only a matter of time.

These days, it’s a question of when, rather than if, a company is going to suffer a breach of their system security.

Doesn’t this only happen to large organisations?

The headlines we see only mention the well-known names who have been breached, but the truth is that companies of all sizes are targets for hackers.  In recent years, as larger organisations have strengthened their defenses, smaller companies have become the focus for cybersecurity attacks, since they are often an easier target.


Why would they target a law firm?

Your clients’ secrets can be a very attractive target for cybercriminals.  Whether it’s details of mergers, aquisitions, or other confidential information, it’s all seen as quarry by an attacker.  

The latest Ransomeware could tarnish your company’s reputation overnight, and destroy your clients’ trust in your business. 


But my IT Support people say we’re secure.

100% security is a myth – it’s all about reducing the risk to an acceptable level.

IT departments are experts in making sure that systems are up and running, but IT security requires a very diffferent skillset.  Fox Security provide independent expert advice and guidance, working as a team with your own IT Support.



of SMEs suffered a breach in the last year.


of cyberattacks can be stopped by taking some basic steps.


of all reported UK crime is from online sources.

But preparation is key:



Together, we strengthen your company’s defences, pushing attacks away toward softer targets.

We provide clear and actionable advice, backed up with years of experience of working in a range of industries, from Financial Institutions to the Oil & Gas Industry.

By being ready for a cyberattack, you can significantly reduce its potential to disrupt your business

Our expertise is backed up by the top industry qualifications, including CISSP and CISM along with Cisco and Microsoft certifications.

Here's how we can help.

The first, and most important step, is understanding your company’s current security measures.  It doesn’t matter if these are non-existant at the moment – but you do need to know where the gaps are.  We can help you identify the most urgent issues and fix them quickly..


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