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Cybersecurity for your Manchester Business

Our cyber-security consultancy now has a home in one of the UK’s best-loved cities.

Manchester, which has a rich history of enterprise, as well as being widely recognised as the first industrial city is now covered by our services.  Since those early days, the place has evolved, continually staying at the forefront of emerging business trends.

Now we are firmly in the digital age, the city is adapting again, being the new home for many tech businesses as well as a multitude of other well-known organisations.  The recent move of the BBC’s main production units from the capital to Manchester has highlighted the new role that the area plays in modern business.

What all of these companies have in common is the need to keep safe their data, especially personal information relating to clients and customers.

This brings with it the need to have expert advice on the correct way to keep the confidentiality, integrity and availability intact.

The ability to protect critical applications and infrastructure is also key to surviving in the online world, as the range of cyber-threats is increasing every day.

manchester cyber security

Fox Security offers a range of IT Security Services to companies across the region:

We offer help and guidance, assisting businesses to achieve compliance with rules and regulations, whether it’s ISO27001, Cyber Essentials, or PCI-DSS.

Vulnerability scans are a great way of understanding the level of risk that a company faces.  They test each system on a network and identify any weaknesses that could be exploited by a hacker.

Another often overlooked action is training of staff.  We can provide a fully bespoke training session which addresses any of the areas where team members frequently need help.  The major areas that need to be covered include choosing strong policies, identifying phishing and online fraud, and encryption of data on mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones.